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An American Vodou House

I studied Japanese pottery in college in the 70s, and majored in graphic design. I worked at Time, Newsweek and Omni magazines in New York City as a paste up artist, long before there were computers. I also drew lacey bordered certificates for Readers Digest in Connecticut; and I designed stage sets, video graphics, and multi-media shows for Fortune 100 companies. I walked away from all of it in 2002, when I went to Haiti to become a Mambo. Vodou has defined my work, my writing and my life ever since.

Even as a priest, art and Vodou are entwined as one. My teachers have all been both artists and priests. Papa Edgar was a flag maker of note in Haiti.  Mambo Shakmah was a writer.  I have worked all my life as an artist, exploring the path between desire and art. Everything is art to me - this web site, the way in which I create my books, my sewing projects, my set work, my altars - all is art, expression and form.

As I move into retirement, and the day-to-day demands of being an artist, mambo and priest lessen, I find I am again drawn to create non-functional art that expresses the path I have walked for 30 years. I no longer have to work for someone else’s approval - I do it for myself.


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