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The Four Circles Program - An Overview of our OnLine Program

Progressive Education and Integrated Experiences

DSCN0023In the classic concept of initiation, each level attained simply  brings the seeker to the bottom of the next rung. This idea of levels is at the heart of Western magical training. In Vodou, the idea is far  more humanistic, more fluid, more adaptable - in fact, more attainable.  For one doesn't climb toward their goal, so much as draw closer to it. A much more comforting idea, than attaining dizzy heights from which one  can easily fall. To move to closer to the center, is much like falling  in love - the dearer to the heart, the deeper the commitment, the  greater the faith, the greater the konesans or knowledge. In  Vodou, we like to say that the more you come to know, the closer you  want to get to the center. And from there, the love and devotion that  radiates outward from the Divine to us is warm and inviting - just like a hearth fire.

Sosyete du Marche, Inc. offers a four year training program called The Four Circles. The entire program is OnLine, so you can study at your own pace. Each class is filled with ideas, information and instruction. When you are finished with a class, you will receive a certificate of completion. Attendance at one of the fets is how you can meet fellow students, interact with Mambo and Houngan, as well as put your practice into action. For individual class, just click on any of the links to the left.

Concentric circles of power are at the heart of Vodou and it's work. These circles are seen in the construct of the peristyle, the ranks of it's membership and the ordering of the Spirits. As one works through  these circles and draws closer to the center, the power, the knowledge and the grace of the servitor becomes stronger, their faith deeper and the love and devotion of the spirits to their servitors becomes manifest in their lives. Please click here for a PDF on the complete program.

The Four Circles will place the qualified candidate on the right path for them. We do not sell initiations. We prefer to educate, elucidate and illuminate graceful servitors who follow the Regleman of Vodou, integrate it's lessons into their lives and become who they are meant to be. We do this with our program of classes, rituals, pilgrimages and personal  experiences.

THE FIRST YEAR - BOSSALE / PATRON: LEGBA ATIBON. The Opener of the way, Legba will work to bring into your life, that  which will manifest in this reality for you. A foundational education,  Legba will encourage you to "place your foot on the path" and allow him  to open the way for you. Beginning in this circle are the lessons that  will be the foundation for all that is to come in the following years.

THE SECOND YEAR - HOUNSI / PATRON: MARASSA. The creation of duality. Living in two worlds, bringing the gifts and  blessings of both into your life. This circle will teach you to be  aware, to walk in two worlds. The Second Circle Classes will include the practical (Vodou herbology, ritual meals, song mastery) as well as the  spiritual (meditation, pathworking and prayer).DSCN3545

THE THIRD YEAR - SU PWEN / PATRON: LOKO ATTISOU. The  great healer, father of the initiates, and the original houngan. Loko  brings health, blessings and achievement. The third circle is the  toughest - here you will face your greatest challenges, and it is here  that many fail. Loko is here also, to support, guide and help you on  this particular path of the journey. Third Circle classes encompass a  myriad of disciplines - aromatherapy, herbs and perfumes, to name but a  few. There will be two retreat weekends involving vision questing,  pilgrimages and divinatory readings that will point to absolutes in the candidates life to be achieved, overcome or dismissed.

THE FOURTH YEAR- ASOGWE/PATRON: AYIZAN VELEKETE.  Mother of the initiates. Having made it thus far, Ayizan is here to  bring you into the world of Spirit and return you safely to the world of men. She births all the candidates of Vodou. Classes are crafted toward kanzo and will cover the many topics, skills and items that Kanzo will encompass.

The Four Circles are an ongoing program. Students who sign on for the full course receive a significant discount in tuition costs. Four Circles students  (FCs) may begin their studies at any point in the calendar. Although we  hold the classes year round, if you begin midyear, you must complete all classes, to fulfill the obligations of each circle. FCs must complete  each Circle before advancing to the next one.

People can take a single classes and not be a Four Circles student. But the fee for single supplements is higher than for students. The goal of these classes is for the students to become members of Sosyete du Marche. Those people who wish to simply taste, may do so, but at a premium. Second, Third and Fourth Circle classes are not offered as single classes. The Pilgrimages to Haiti are offered to non-FCs.

For information on The Four Circles program, tuition, payment plans and other details, contact us here, and we will send out information to you, so you may begin the journey of a lifetime. Our blessings on whichever path you choose to walk in  life.


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