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The Four Circles Class 2019 is in session!

The Four Circles began in 2012 as a way to help long distance learners find out about Vodou.  To date, it has run concurently since, with the current class being held on  There, people can watch video, listen to music and engage in discussions about Vodou, the Spirits and just what makes this faith so amazing to those who are called to its altars.  The Four Circles Class can be found on

The class is comprised of 23 video segments, along with accompanying essays and music the following topics:

One: African Traditional Religions

Two: A Creole Faith

Three: Haitian History and how Vodou fits in

Four: The Role of Vodou in Haiti

Five: Theology and Ancestors

Six: Ancestors and constellations

Seven: Concentric Circles of Faith

Eight: Introduction to the Spirits - Rada

8.1 - Legba

8.2 - Loko and Ayizan

8.3 - Marasa

8.4 - Danbala and Aida Wedo

8.5 - Agwe Ta'Wayo and LaSiren/LaBalen

8.6 - Mambo Erzulie Freda Dahomey

8.7 - Azaka Mede

Nine: Rada conclusion and intro to Petro

10. - Nago Nation and Ogoun

11 - Ezili Dantor

12 - Bossou

13: Introduction to the Ghede Family

14 - The Gede Lwa: Baron, Brijit and Brav

15 - Ancestor Candles

16 - Conclusion

Each section is posted once a week on Patreon, and discussions are posted below each segment in the comments area. I also provide students extra essays, songs for the Lwa, how to set up altars to the spirits  and much, much more.

There is an accompanying workbook aptly titled The Four Circles®, and it available on Amazon Here:
There is a preview of the course, so you can get a peek at the video images. The entire narration of the class is in the book, as well as a  self-directed workbook in the back.

The class builds on my first book, Serving the Spirits. This is also available on Amazon:

The price for the class is $27.00 a month, payable through Patreon. You will need to sign onto Patreon with a credit card (its very secure), and the $27 will automatically charged each month. The fall semester began in September, and will run  through February 2020. Right now, we just covered Theology and Ancestors. We've a ways to go, so you could join this semester -- or  wait until March next year to attend. I would suggest looking at the Patreon page, and see what's there. I try to write something for the  public the first week; a patreons only post week two; Four Circles posts week three; and my own meandering mind dump the rest of the time!

Thank you for inquiring. I hope to see you on Patreon soon!

Honor and Respect,  Mambo Vye Zo


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