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An American Vodou House

Sosyete du Marche, Inc. has operated as a fully incorporated charity, with federal recognition since March 12, 2007. Below is our letter of exemption notification.  This means any donations received are fully tax deductible, under the I.R.S. rules for a 501c3 charity, operating in Southeastern Pennsylvania.


501 IRS letter SdM copy

Donations are tax deductible.

© 1995-2019.  Sosyete du Marche, Inc. is a Federally recognized 501c3 church, operating in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Your donations are tax deductible, and go towards supporting Sosyete du Marche, Inc., its mission to provide a safe haven for all worshippers, and to help those who need it most. To date, we have led medical missions to the Caribbean, supported Native Louisiana residents after Katrina, and currently support our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.