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BienVenue! Welcome to Sosyete du Marche, Inc’s web site. Here is where I will be announcing new writing projects, new art work and new music. To find any and all of these, we direct you to our Patreon page, where you will find our Calendar, Blog, the Four Circles courses and much, much more. Thank you for taking the time to look here. We hope your path stays clear, and your goals attainable!


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If you are looking for my books, you will find them at Author Central on Amazon. I have been privileged to write with some of the best folks working in academia today. Their vision and their talents have given me the energy and incentive to do my best writing. I promised the Lwa I would strive for their recognition in the world. These books are just the beginning of my efforts toward fulfilling that promise.

Voodoo Encyclopedia Vodou in Haitian Experience Sevis Lwa book cover Serving the Spirits book cover SDM Song Missal Eso in Afro American

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Come visit her at Patreon - this is where we will be hosting all of our projects from this time forward. New blog posts, the Four Circles classes, current calendar offerings and Mambo’s teaching schedule will all be hosted on Patreon. It’s a new way to help fund Sosyete projects, as well as help Mambo have a small income.


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