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Four Circles Program: First Circle is Hounsi Bossale

FOUR CIRCLES: Year 1, Class 3: Herbs of Vodou
September, 2016. Registration opens in August

dreamstime_xs_2315245The Four Circles Year One Class Three is dedicated to learning the basic herbs of Vodou.  Herbs are the medicinal backbone of Haitian Vodou.  They cleanse, they consecrate; they even do magic.  They are powerful plant allies for health, and, are often called upon as a front line of protection for many tropical illnesses.  Here in the USA, we have access to medical care, but in Haiti, it is the Medisin Fey who is called upon to defend against all manner of illness and injury to body as well as mind.

In this class, we will study the basic herbs that comprise the plant corpus of practice in Haitian Vodou.  We will talk about Medsin Feys and their role in the communities where they live.  We will show the many kinds of herbs that are called into play.  And we will explore the uses of herbs both magically as well as medically.

This on-line class is meant to be self-directed, just as the first two classes were.  There will be approximately 120 minutes of protected video, demonstrating proper techniques for harvesting, collecting and storing; brews, poultices and tinctures; and the magical employment of specific herbs that can be found here in the USA.

Four Circles Year One, Class Three: Herbs of Vodou will be an exploration of herbs in Vodou.  There will be a text book, a workbook to identify plants and exercises to help you comprehend the material.  The Facebook group will be where we can discuss our plants, procedures and elixirs. We look forward to sharing our knowledge with all of you.


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