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Four Circles Program: First Circle is Hounsi Bossale

A One Day practicum - Distillation, Tincture and Teas
September 14th, 2014. Registration is open now

DSC_0004At Sosyete du Marche, we grow all our own Vodou herbs on the  property. Chemical free, sown with love and dedicated to the spirits,  our gardens are lush fragrant islands that offer a cool respite from the summer heat. Here in the Delaware Valley, by September the herbs are bursting with their final  energies. This is the right time to harvest them spiritually and to  employ them for a very intense day of work, scent and trance.

Although we grow everything from medicinal to spiritual, it is the visionary garden that is the most coveted and the most used.  Here you will find the herbs we employ throughout the year in our service work - mugwort, wormwood, calea and salvia. Through dedication,  knowledgeable use and proper administration, we have developed a close relationship with these plants and have gained intimate knowledge of how to work with them in service.

This weekend is dedicated to the use of herbs for Vision Questing -  the method of contacting the spirit world that has a firm history in the annals of herbology. Vodou herbs are commonly used in service - for  bathes, for cleansing and to bring forth the right energies of the Lwa.  They are the Visionary Herbs of the green world. The use of herbs as  aromatics for travel is well documented. The Omeira of Santeria and the  21 bathes of the Holy Kanzo in Vodou are designed to remove you from this world and place you in the next, temporarily. Cultures all over the planet have used herbs as a method of out of body travel for ages. v1c_04

This is a one day practicum on the herbs of Vodou, and as such, we can only cover a few items from the catalog of green worts.  We will discuss making tinctures from alcohol, teas and the process of distillation. You can easily do this at home without fancy equipment, though the process will take a bit longer.

Sunday is dedicated to the practical side of the aromatic arts of Vodou herbs. We will distill several blends of hydrosols for magical use. You will receive at least three compounds created  specifically for astral travel. Along with the distillation, you will be instructed on how to created Vodou based brews, bathes,  tinctures and washes for your personal use.

You will receive fresh, chemical free herbs, freshly brewed hydrosols and a 100 page book of material to keep. This class is open to everyone who wishes to explore new methods for working with herbs, learning about distillation, hydrosols and the use herbs in a more sacramental mode.

Vision Quest is a one day program dedicated to the herbs of Vodou. Anyone may take this class. The cost for this weekend is $350.00 all inclusive. We accept Paypal and personal checks.  Directions, information on what to bring and what to wear will be sent to registered attendees. For questions, please contact Mambo Vye Zo.

1st Deposit - $100.00 (balance due - $250)

2nd Deposit - $100.00 (balance due - $150)

3rd Deposit - $100.00 (balance due - $50)

Final Payment - $50.00 (Paid in Full)

Payment in full - $350.00


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