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An American Vodou House

Vodou Tarot - A Lesson in Oracles

October 15, 2016
Class from 10am to 5pm, Ritual 7pm to 9pm

Vodou TarotCard readings in Haiti are ubiquitous. No serious event takes place  without a reading done first to determine what the spirits are willing  to do for someone. Although a standard deck of cards is employed, Mambo  Vye Zo has designed her own deck of cards that speak of the Lwa,  services, history and characters of Haitian Vodou. Come to this class to learn who these people are and find out if the Lwa of Vodou will work  with you.

Participants will receive a copy of Mambo’s Haitian Vodou  Tarot deck and will use the cards immediately. You will learn several  unique layouts that speak directly to the energy of the Lwa and  demonstrate their participation in the reading. You will be given a  notebook filled with information regarding each Lwa, their offerings and methods of propitiation so that you can use the deck as a tool for healing and guidance for your clients.

After dinner, we will hold a special ceremony to ignite the presence of the Lwa into your decks, consecrating your hands to hold the power of the Lwa and allowing them to speak through you, via the deck’s imagery. This isa class not to be missed!

The deck, the book and all meals are included for the price of $250.00


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