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An American Vodou House

Sosyete du Marche, Inc.: A Modern Day Lakou

An ancient faith in a modern setting

DSC_0469Welcome to our cyber Vodou peristyle, here on the web! Sosyete du  Marche is an American Vodou house, meaning we are Americans, following  Haitian regulation or reglemen when serving the spirits. We do not do Voodoo, a much over wrought  word, and one that is more particular to the New Orleans style of  service. Vodou, the religion of Haiti, is the bedrock of our work, our  style and our faith. We are also an American Vodou Society, bringing our 30 years of occult experience into play when working with the Lwa.

Sosyete du Marche, Inc. is led by Mambo Vye Zo Komande la Menfo and her husband, Asogwe priests of the Vodou Religion. We try to bring  joy, reverence and celebration to our work with the Lwa. One of the  things that drew us to the Vodou faith was the liturgy of song and  prayer. What a wonderful faith that carries it's theology in the joy of  the voices that sing it's praises!

Sosyete du Marche is a full time Vodou house - we are not  store owners; we are not shop keepers; we do not have a physical  botannica. We are Mambo and Houngan Asogwe, priests committed to walking the path of vodou each and every day. Our vocation as priests is our  job. The Sosyete holds regular Vodou services for its members at the  peristyle in Pennsylvania. We do offer public Vodou service on certain  occasions as well as private Vodou ceremonies for clients. To date, we  have performed Lave Tets, Action de Gras and Maraj Lwa for a number of dedicated people seeking to enrich their lives through  working with their personal and family spirits. Serving the Spirit in  Vodou is much more than just parties! It's a dedicated commitment to  being in service to the community.

Our Mission Statement

DSCN0113We recognize the spark of Divinity within each person, and we are  dedicated to working in the world to realize the potential implicit in  that divine gift. Our primary purpose is to honor diversity and to  provide a safe place for personal growth and spiritual actualization.  We mutually support and respect the dignity of each person's journey  towards manifesting their highest potential, and we awaken to the spirit within each of us which acknowledges that we are All One Before God.  Sosyete du Marche fulfills it's Vision in the following manner:

~ To provide a safe and supportive environment for free religious expression by the membership. We believe that each person is a unique expression of God and has a special gift to offer towards the building of our liberating and celebrating community.

~ To fulfill the charitable purposes as identified by our  leaders. We believe that giving back to the world is the real work of  any organization with the means and ability to do so.

~ We are committed to community building within a caring  atmosphere of shared responsibility. We "think globally, but act  locally", by supporting local efforts to feed the needy, house the poor  and cloth those who have less than we do. We offer service to the  greater community through Public and Private ceremonies, rituals and  services.

~ Education for all who come with open minds.

~ Spiritual and Therapeutic Counseling - Houngan is a  licensed therapist, with extensive training in Grief and Loss, Family¬   Counseling and Youth counseling.

~ Holistic Healing - Mambo is a trained aromatherapist, utilizing both Western and Ayuvedic therapies

~ Legal marriages - both the Mambo and the Houngan are fully ordained Interfaith Ministers through the
New Mexico Theological Seminary and perform legal marriages in all 50 States.

~ Legally recognized birth and naming ceremonies, funerals and memorials

For Mambo Vye Zo, it's being available to the Sosyete  family and to her initiates for their needs, in their time frame, not  hers. Mambo fulfills her kanzo promises by writing, teaching and  offering classes on Vodou, Magic and Hermetic studies and serving the  spirits through ritual, divination, art and voice. It is a life time  commitment to being in service to the Lwa, as was promised by her at  their Kanzo ceremonies in Jacmel, Haiti.

If you are interested in learning more about the Vodou  faith, in joining Sosyete du Marche, Inc., or attending a Vodou Fet, please contact Mambo Vye Zo.  She will answer all your questions about Vodou, Sosyete du Marche and  it's work. Mesi Anpil for your interest and for taking the time to  stopping by.

Love, Honor and Respect - Mambo Vye Zo


Copyright 1995 - 2016.  Sosyete du Marche, Inc. is a Federally recognized 501c3 church, operating in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Your donations are tax deductible, and go towards supporting Sosyete du Marche, its mission to provide a safe haven for all worshippers, and to help those who need it most. To date, we have led medical missions to the Caribbean, supported Native Americans after Katrina and currently support our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.