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Four Circles Program: Second Circle is Hounsi Kanzo

Second Circle is designed to align You with Yourself

Marasa_veveThe Foundational education that you received in the First Circle aimed to  align you with your Ancestors - the heart and soul of any Vodou  practice. In the Second Circle, you will learn  about yourself - and come to understand that there are two truths in the world. The first is inside you - what was called Self-knowledge by the  great philosophers. Understanding this first truth, will allow you to  understand the truths that are outside of yourself. This duality is at  the heart of the Second Circle. Here, we will teach you to become aware, to walk in two worlds. Becoming a servitor of the mysteries is much more than just planning ceremonies, knowing a few songs and how to burn herbs!

This duality is the reason we dedicated the Second Circle to the Marassa.  Sacred Twins, male and female, brother and sister, lovers and friends -  the lessons of the Marassa are about duality, companionship, love and  understanding - all the binary combinations one finds in the world. The Marassa share the power of creation, the ability to be two things at  once. This image of duality will begin to manifest for you in the Second Circle. Living in two worldS (one of spirit and one of matter), you  will begin to learn how to shift your consciousness, to be able to  express this duality for yourself. For as you become a true servitor,  you will see that it is not about removing yourself from the world - but  becoming more fully a part of it.

The Second Circle classes are listed here. You must complete the First  Circle, in order to participate in Second Circle Classes. Upon completing the Second Circle, you may petition the Initiates Council for participation in Sosyete du Marche’s Kanzo ceremony.

Note: Classes may be started at any point within the calendar. However, all classes must be  completed before you can participate in the Kanzo.

Year 2, Class 1: The Priye Ginen: An In Depth Study

Year 2, Class 2: Mange Lwa - Feeding the Spirits

Year 2, Class 3: Divination, Oracles and Seership - Becoming a Vessel for Spirit

Year 2, Class 4: A Pilgrimage to Haiti - Returning to the Land


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