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A collection of articles, papers, essays, book PDFs and photos on the religion of Vodou as well as on Haiti and its many topics. This is the  top of a large section of the web site that is continually updated, as we expand our own knowledge of the faith, gather new information and  explore new ideas, forms and styles.

Sosyete du Marche: Articles, Essays and Knowledge Papers

Ancestors in Vodou

A (brief) History of Haiti

Reglemen in Haitian Vodou

Haitian Holidays

Fet Ghede in Haiti

The Waters of Sodo

Ogoun at Plaine Nord

Siren at Limonade

Danbala at Souvenance

Arawak and Taino in Haiti

The Bohoun Ceremony

What is Boule Zin?

Deka Lineage vs Asson Lineage




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