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Annual Lave Tet: Ritual Washing of the Head in AUGUST 2016

Agwe SirenLave Tet literally means "washing (of) the head" in French. The head is the  seat of magic in Vodou. One is often referred to as having a "cool" head or a "hot" head. A cool one is most desirous! A cool head means you are calm, balanced, in control of your life and all the challenges that  come your way. A hot head is just what it sounds like - short tempered,  angry, upset, tossed and turned by every little event! This is not good, especially when trying to maintain your equilibrium and keep your life  on a steady course of blessings. A Lave Tet can help change this programming. It can "cool" the hot head,  spiritually cleanse it from negative associations and bring blessings of the Lwa into a person's life.website02

Each Lave Tet begins with a reading, to determine what is going on with the recipient. The  Lave Tet is then crafted to you specifically.  We hand pick fresh green herbs right out of the lakou gardens.  We add clean water, perfume and other materials that craft the bath to you. This solution is then poured over the head of  the recipient, accompanied by prayers and songs. In addition, we add  ingredients that promote connection and facilitate unity with the Lwa -  their favorite perfumes, soaps and floral scents. We might even add their favorite rum or whiskey! You can read one participant’s review of his Lave Tet on his blog by clicking here.

Your reading will indicate if you need to have just your head washed, or if you need a full body immersion. Our full body lave is done in old clothing that you will toss after the service. Think of it as tossing out the old, what ever it is that is holding you back and keeping all the good things in life from you. By doing so, you make room for new blessings, inspiration, abundance, health.

After the lave is performed, we wrap the recipient in white and place them in our badji (altar room), to allow them time to meditate and immerse themselves in the scents and trance that inevitably accompanies a lave tet service. We ask recipients to wait 24 hours to bath, so the effects of the bath have time to penetrate and settle within the individual. If the reading indicates it, we might even ask you wait a couple of days. It all depends on the problem at hand, the solution given and just what the Lwa wish to be done.

This year’s annual summer Lave Tet weekend was a beautiful gathering of souls. We give thanks for each and every person who came, dipped into LaSiren’s waters and came away changed. Mesi anpil!

We can give you a Lave Tet at anytime you feel the desire or need to have your energy changed. If you are looking for a solo Lave Tet, please email me at so we can discuss your options.


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