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Kanzo: The Ordination Rites of Priesthood

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The Holy Kanzo is a long journey into your soul. At it's most mundane, it is a seven day adventure into Vodou. At it's best, it's a rebirth of your  soul, as you leave one life and begin another. Each step of the process  is designed to change you, physically, mentally and spiritually. It is  not for the faint of heart. Oaths made cannot be easily broken. One  doesn't kanzo today and not do the work tomorrow. The Lwa are  magnanimous in their generosity and vindictive in in their punishments.  It's why we say Vodou is for everyone, but not everyone is for Vodou.  Below you will find the five major elements of Kanzo. Though the details change from house to house, these are the building blocks of the rites. If you are interested in Kanzo, contact Mambo Vye Zo for details.

Caveat Emptor: We do not initiate anyone under the age of 21 to Kanzo rank. Period. We will gladly fill you in on why, and what our reasoning is. There are ranks for all kinds of reasons -- and if you are truly being called, we will discuss what those ranks are. But anyone under the age of 21 should be living life to its fullest. There’s plenty of time to settle down and engage with the spirits later on.

The Five Elements of Kanzo: Reflecting the Concentric Circles of Vodou

Circle One: Consigne and the 21 Bathes of Dissolution

consigneThe Consignee is to help the candidate begin to focus inwardly, without distractions, without the noise of the mundane world. The bathes of Dissolution  further this feeling of disconnecting from the world. Cold, clear water  is infused with fresh herbs, oils and perfumes. Each bath removing a  layer of yourself, peeling away all the grit and grime of your mundane  life, rinsing off another part of you away, until the very essence of who you are is all that remains. You are mort - dead - when all is completed.


Circle Two: Bat Guerre - Making War to Strengthen you

batgeThe night journey has begun, the Lwa begin to descend and there are many  Spirits that you will meet along the way. Each one will challenge you in ways you can not imagine. To help keep you strong, your own spirits must be engaged in the journey, coaxed into accompanying you along the way.  The Bat Guerre is the sacred dance with the Lwa, so that They will  accept your invitation to come along, as passengers on the Boat of the  Dawn. The work is rigorous, and the people engage the spirits in battle far into the night.


Circle Three: Chire Ayizan - Purification of the Work

chire1Having metaphorically died to this life, you begin the night journey to your  new one. Kanzo is a huge undertaking of resurrection. But in order to  come back, first you must go. So the question becomes ~ Where do you go? To the underworld, to experience the Boat of Ra as it makes its  journey through the night time of your soul, until resurrection at dawn  creates you anew. To take this journey, you are prepared, blessed and  consecrated. The Chire Ayizan is performed, to cleanse you so that you may step upon the deck of Ra’s boat. To guide you, so that you do not become lost and to help you with the challenges you will meet along the way.

Circle Four: Brule Zin - Alchemy of the Ancestors

brule1As you travel through the Night, the challenges and questions that you  encounter are all designed to create a strong and brave resiliency in  your soul. To resurrect is a true rebirth into a new life. But having  spent the greater part of the journey in darkness, you must seek the  blessings of the Ancestors to rise to your new life. To do so you must  become one with the Ancestors, for you will be their vessel of  communication in your new life. This is not for the faint of heart! The actions of the Brule Zin (literally fire in the zins) are meant as a  final test of your Will and your Heart. Your bravery will be rewarded with resurrection in the morning.

Circle Five: Leve Kanzo - Resurrection and Resolve

batem1You have completed the Night journey. You were challenged and answered  correctly, the questions put to you. You now face into the rising sun, taking your vows and the oath of your office before stepping out into the light of a new day. The coolness is refreshing, the sunlight blazing and the voices sing your praise. You are risen, renewed and set forth into the world to begin the work you have chosen. Congratulations! You are Kanzo!


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