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Kanzo: The Commitment of Your Life

To take the grade of Kanzo is a life time commitment to the path of Vodou. You can not commit to kanzo today, and then in say 5 or 6 years, decide, no this isn’t for me. That’s because the oath you take isn’t to a person or even an organization. It’s to yourself. And as the saying goes you can run, but you cannot hide. Not from yourself.

Understanding the ideas and the tenets of a faith give you a grounding, a base on which you can grow. You take these concepts and place them into your life, allowing them to expand, filling your world with things like ideals and values.  The more you work with them, the more solid they become, until they are no longer contextual concepts but actual parts of yourself.  They fill in the blanks, smooth out the rough spots and make you stronger. That is the blessing of working with a living faith, one that flows with you, giving you what you need and changing with you, maturing as you do.

To fully accept all these blessings means you must commit to go the distance. It is very easy in this society to take the path of least resistance and toss the rest. To expect changes immediately and then give up when the expectation is not met immediately. The blessings of Kanzo take time. Like a living organism they grow slowly, but steadily. To receive the fullest blessing, you must give the work time to mature. And that takes commitment on the part of the servitor. It’s why we say that Kanzo is not for everyone.

If you are expecting change to happen immediately ... to have riches drop into your lap and to find easy answers to your issues, then Kanzo is not your path. But if you are willing to make the journey, to take the time to see all that can be, then perhaps this is the way for you to grow in konesans and love. But be sure it’s one you really want to make. Because once you go down this rabbit hole, there is no going back.

But after you’ve been in Wonderland, you will understand why you came in the first place.


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