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Four Circles Program: First Circle is Hounsi Bossale

Legba_veveFirst Year’s Circle is designed to align you with the Ancestors

The First Year’s Circle is designed to help you learn about yourself. You cannot  minister to anyone, if your life is not in order first. First Year classes are meant to be a foundation - a solid beginning to start off  on, as you begin to walk down the path of Vodou. We dedicate the First  Circle to Legba, as the Great Gatekeeper of the Aeons. Without Legba, nothing can come into existence - so it makes sense to ask Him to open the way for you to find yourself.

This is a year of exploration, discovery and lessons. You will gain an understanding of Haitian history - because Vodou is intimately connected with the history of how Haiti became a nation.  You will employ herbs, songs and dance to begin to comprehend the intricacy of Vodou ceremony. You will  start to find your place in the Reglemen, the rules governing a Vodou practice. And you will start to learn the liturgy, the beautiful oral history of Vodou that is carried in prayers and songs of the traditional Vodou liturgy.

A foundational education, Legba will encourage you to "place your foot on the path" and allow Him to open the way for you.  Beginning in this circle are the lessons that will be the foundation for all that is to come in the following years. The First Circle classes are listed here. Upon completing the First Circle, you may petition the Initiates Council for participation in the annual Sevis Tet ceremony.

Note: Classes may be  started at any point within the calendar. However, all classes must be completed before you can participate in the Sevis Tet.

Year 1, Class 1 - The Ancestors in Vodou

Year 1, Class 2 - Sevis Lwa: Service to the Ancestors and the Lwa

Year 1, Class 3 - Herbs of the Lwa

Year 1, Class 4 - Initiation into Vodou : Sevis Tet, Boule Zin Tet and the Ranks of Kanzo


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