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Kouzen Azaka Mede: Lord of the Field and Harvest

Azaka_veveAzaka Mede is the beloved country cousin of the Rada nation in  Haitian Vodou. Papa Zaka is the patron of agriculture and farming. His  symbols of the simple woven makout bag with tassels and his denim  clothes reveal his earthy, simple ways. His garb is that of the peasant - denim pants, straw bag. It's why the chromolith of St. Isidore is his  image in Vodou.stisadore_jpg

His bag also belies his importance as a Lwa of abundance  and magic. The bag is an amalgation of both Ki-Kongo and Spanish  origins. The Iberians carried a similar bag, featuring two tassels. The  Ki-Kongo had a bag called nkutu, whose name means small bag on shoulder. And the covering of knots or tassels, as seen in his veve, indicate the magical nature of the bag - not unlike Ki-Kongo nkisi, with their  elaborate decorations.

Thus, Azaka's bag is both  productive and magical. The bag, along with his pipe (for pleasure) are  the key symbols of this earthy, and popular Lwa.(Farris, Sacred Arts of Vodou, 1995, pg. 124)






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