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Action de Gras: A Service of Thanks and Blessings, offered for Grace and Benediction

A Vodou Action de Grace, or act of thanksgiving is an offering given by  the servitor to the Lwa - to fulfill a promise made, to thank theActiondeGras Lwa  for their blessings. Beyond the act of thanks, an Action de Gras can  also be offered as a request for help on a particular problem or,  offered up in supplication for work to be done. It can mark a life  ceremony such as a wedding or commitment ceremony. And it can also be  done for a memorial, a birth - in fact, whenever you wish to mark that  special occasion, an Action de Gras can be the perfect way in which you  give thanks to God for your life and its many blessings. Whatever  reason, concern, desire or problem you can think of, an Action de Gras  is the basic ritual service which is the foundation of all Vodou work.

Led by Mambo Vye Zo Komande la Menfo and her husband, with the support and voice  from the entire  Sosyete de Marche, an Action de Gras is a beautiful, moving ceremony.  Through the blessings of Bon Dieu and the grace of the Lwa, it is both yours and the community's efforts to lift ourselves beyond our normal  day into the realm of the Divine, where we can commune with God, the  Ancestors and the Lwa.

This exquisite Vodou ceremony is ignited with a beautiful altar piece, set and designed for specifically for your intent. Mambo Vye Zo is an artist who specializes in altars to the Lwa, and she draws upon  30 years of artist experience and inspiration in creating our sacred  spaces. Once the room is set, the ceremony opens with the full beauty of the sung Priyere Ginen, the African prayer to God and Lwa, invoking  them into the sacred space. Then, with song from our choir, through the  movement dance and with sacred gestures, the Mambo and Houngan will  offer prayers and gifts to God, the Ancestors and the Lwa for whatever  petition you request.

actiondegras_02A very moving and deeply religious service, the Action de Grace can be  offered as thanks for a new birth, a wedding, a naming ceremony and  many, many other purposes. The altar on the left is one dedicated to  Agwe and LaSiren for a recent Action de Gras we did for a client.

Please contact Mambo Vye Zo if you have any questions about having an Action de Grace performed for  you. Services are held on weekend evenings, to be certain that everyone  can attend. We need a two month notice for ceremonies, so that we can  accommodate the sosyete, drummers and singers for the event. Ayibobo.

Action de Grace is priced $2,400.00 (includes all offerings and materials). Additional details (births, weddings and naming ceremonies) upon request.  Please Contact Mambo Vye Zo Komande la Menfo with any questions or concerns


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